Some Omaha small businesses report success this holiday season despite pandemic

OMAHA, Neb. – The holiday season usually means long lines and packed stores, but as we’ve shown you all year the pandemic has turned things upside down.

This year has been in the making for a memorable holiday season and it’s something local businesses in the metro area won’t forget.

“Despite everything that’s happened in this crazy year, we’re doing ok,” said Mike Fratt, general manager of Homer’s Music and Gifts.

The holiday season can be one of the busiest times for local establishments. But many have had to adjust to the pandemic.

Some places like Homer’s Music and Gifts had a good year. During the holidays, it’s been a popular destination for people to purchase Christmas presents.

“People are staying home obviously so they’re looking for home entertainment options, records and CD’s and DVD’s are part of that,” said Fratt.

The popularity of the throwback style of listening to music has helped in a big way for holiday gifts at the record store.

“Vinyl’s are at the point where it’s beyond coming back. It is back. And over the last month it has set a record each week for the volumes sold nationally,” said Fratt. At the Bike Way in Millard, “it’s been a pretty normal holiday season for us. maybe a little bit of a spike even,” said Jamie Schmidt, owner of the Bike Way.

It may be winter, but Jamie Schmidt says they still keep busy as people purchase bikes for Christmas gifts. But this holiday season, people have bought their products through the internet.

“There’s been a lot more online, buy online pick up in stores this year than there ever has been. and part of that is obviously the pandemic and we did just refresh our website too,” said Schmidt.

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