Scott Frost Sums Up His Thoughts On Nebraska’s Season

Nebraska – Nebraska’s regular season ended on a high note on Friday night.

The Huskers won their third game of the year, beating Rutgers in the Big Ten’s crossover “Championship Week” game. Nebraska topped the Scarlet Knights, 28-21, in New Jersey on Friday evening.

Scott Frost’s program dominated Rutgers for most of the night, as the Huskers more than doubled the Scarlet Knights in total yardage (620 to 252). If not for four turnovers, this would have been a blowout.

Of course, turnovers have been an issue for Nebraska all season long. The Huskers were able to get past them on Friday night, though. However, for Frost’s program to take a big step in 2021, they will have to be corrected.

Frost summed up his thoughts on Nebraska’s season following the game.

“When we’ve clicked and not shot ourselves in the foot, it’s been pretty good all year. It’s just not consistent enough,” Frost told reporters following the game.