Nebraska Showed Glimpses of What Could Be and The Morning After

Nebraska – Last night’s 28-21 win over Rutgers was a glimpse into what could be. It was also a painful reminder of what Nebraska football was in 2020.

It has been a long frustrating season and it appears it might have ended on a positive note. Piling up 620 total yards of offense is impressive no matter who is the opponent. No it was not against Minnesota or Northwestern. In those games, Nebraska’s offense looked inept to be kind.

It did not look inept last night.

Nebraska’s defense was also impressive even though it came against a backup quarterback. Nebraska turned the ball over four times. I mean, Adrian Martinez turned the ball over four times. Every time Nebraska’s defense showed up and did it’s job. They gave up nine first downs and 290 total yards.

They did their job. Nebraska’s offense did their job at times. When they were clean they looked like the offense we saw at Central Florida. When they had untimely penalties and turnovers they looked like Nebraska has in 2020.

Regardless, there were three freshmen and one sophomore starting on the offensive line last night. That group produced 365 rushing yards on 58 attempts.

That’s what this program has turned into at this point. Glimpses of what could be.