Omaha Daily Mag is a local news website serving the people in Omaha, Nebraska. We are dedicated to the advancement of community journalism and educating local readers about current news and events. We are a group of local journalists concerned about the health of local news in Omaha. Our mission is to establish sustainable support for local journalism. We believe that local journalism is vital for healthy and thriving communities. Research shows that a vibrant local news system:

• Increases the number of people running for office

• Increases the number of people who participate in voting

• Decreases corruption in local government

• Increases trust and improves a sense of belonging

• Educates people about their local environment

• Holds public agencies accountable to the public

• Warns and educates people about public dangers

• Invites engagement and participation in local affairs

Our coverage includes news, community and civic events, opinion, lifestyle, business and other matters of concern  and interest to the community that our readers can trust and enjoy. We engage the opinions and interaction of our community of readers through letters to the editor, comment forums and submitted feature material as well as sponsored content. Our mission is to provide the community with relevant, unrestricted, unbiased, fair, uplifting and accurate news, truths and greater issues in a reliable and timely fashion. And to serve our local communities in facilitating the exchange of information between leaders, businesses, charities and residents for the best interests of the Omaha, NE area communities.

Founding Principles

• Community news belongs to the community.

• Everyone is a reporter, and everyone is an editor.

• The best local journalism comes from a mix of involved citizens reporting what they know and see, professional journalists helping make sense of it all, and sharp-eyed readers who question everything.

• People are always more important than institutions.

• Don’t compete. Collaborate, complement, cooperate.

• We will always strive to make it as easy as possible for everyone to add content, from cell phones, email, web browsers, etc.

• Everyone can participate, as long as they respect the rights of others to participate as well.